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VITKO 2011 (11) CP

After vaccine MMR in 16.month came encephalitis and brain injury. Diagnosis is quadruparese, cerebral palsy. Cant alone stand, walk, almost no speech.GcMaf 2500 start on 24.10.2016, now on 3shots per dayOn 3rd PP now CDS2 drinking 30ppm Supplements: fish oil, D3 1500, Carnosin, melasa Diet without gluten, cow milk and sugar

ATEC Results

Sociability Sensory Cognitive Awareness: Health Physical Behavior: Total ATEC change Days Difference Atec Date
19 1 7 8 35 0 0 05/12/2016
18 0 3 1 22 -13 71 14/02/2017
-1 -1 -4 -7 -13 -37% in 71 days
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Submitted on 14/02/2017


Better 2011 (11)

Until December 26th on GcMaf 15000, then from 2017 January 7th Omnia 1drop daily before sleep, son was not ill from october 2016, so great product for imunity
3rd PP ended in January 2017,
now detox from heavy metal with chlorela

Omnia from Cytoinnovation (tester), Gcmaf 15000

Submitted on 05/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2011 (11)

Now 3dose, spray of GcMaf 2500 daily, we started 24.10.2016, I see bigger activity in speaking, some days he babble hole day. He was not sick since wenn we started with GcMaf. We do 3rd PP together with it.

GcMaf 2500 spray