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babyhope 2013 (9) Autism

He used to cry a lot as a baby due to milk intolerance, and was constipated almost daily; today he has other food sensitivities. After 3 or 4 antibiotic courses he started to change: no eye contact, stopped trying to walk and talk, he only sit putting toys and other objects in line, multiple OCD behaviors, tantrums that could last more than an hour, very hard to cut his hair and nails, gut inflamation, bite people some times even as a way to say hi, sick of flu with high tempeture every 3-4 weeks. Started therapy at 18 months age to get him to walk, what just happens 6 months later. Diagnosed on Dec 2015 (ASD) and started autism therapy on January 2016, on february started GF/CF diet and MMS protocol as well. On June started Kerri Rivera protocol, turned to specific carbohidrates diet. Also we did 8 weeks of gcmaf (250 and 1500ng). Our gains has been: better health, better body weight, better sleep, less tantrums, better eye contact, sometimes say good bye with his hand, sometimes I get a kiss (very few), he can up and down a stair. First ATEC 117, on November 2016 104. Almost no change. We really need to try something else, i would like to try the omnia drops. Thanks.

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Submitted on 12/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2013 (9)

My baby started gcmaf (250ng) and with the very first drop he got better sleep, actually he slept too much for the first 4-5 days. Also he got a rash on his chest, neck and both arms. Also I saw less tantrums. Then we follow with the 1500ng gcmaf and again he slept more time in the first days. No more changes that I can notice, no words or promising sounds.

Gcmaf 250ng and gcmaf 1500ng. Manufacturer GCMAF.LA