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Mem 2009 (14) Autism

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 21 months old. Starting ATEC 86. Changed diet to GF/CF/SF/SF. Did biomedical programme with a Dr which included special antibiotics, supplements. Did NAET allergy for a year with good results. ATEC was a 49 by this stage. Started CD protocol and ATEC quickly dropped to 22 in just a month. Then over a few more months it dropped to about a 12. Then started GcMAF, and this finally was the thing to get my son to an ATEC below 10! His current ATEC is about a 7, so want to keep going with the GcMAF to get it to a 0!

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submitted on 10/11/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2009 (14)

Gave 2,500 dose (3 drops) every 3 days. Increased in speech, asking and answering questions. Not so rigid in his routines anymore. More compliant and not as grizzly. ATEC drop from 12 to a 7.

Cyto Innovations 2,500 spray

submitted on 10/11/2016


2009 (14)

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