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I have had an extremely over-reactive immune system and sensitive sinus system all my life...I have never really breathed through my nose historically...

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Submitted on 15/06/2018


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After never really breathing through my nose for 40 years, I am starting to :). I have an excellent diet now for about 10 years. I have detoxed extremely well, use
all kinds of methods to stay healthy including ozone use, and I even have a hyperbaric chamber at home. I do HIGHLY recommend the oxygen therapies. However,
nothing seemed to correct the underlying root cause. I truly believe in my case, it has been genetic corruption due to vaccines.
The great news is that I am using currently 3 drops of 2500 ng Cytonic vitamin D protein under the tongue, and 4 drops of Omnia daily from Cytoinnovations.
I am happy to say, that I am beginning to breath, and definitely have far lowered over-reactivity to everything! I have only taken the drops for about 2 months.
I will give more feedback later. For those taking sublingual (under the tongue) doses, if able, close your mouth after depositing the drops, and elevate the pressure
in your mouth only, kind of like blowing up a balloon. The pressure will drive the dosage into your pores very quickly and more thoroughly than without.
Blessing to all!

Cytonic and Omniadrops from Cytoinnovations...