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Bax 2005 (18) Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder...

We've started with gf/cf/sf/sf diet 6 years ago. On that time my son's ATEC was over 140. We've been using biomed. program for 5 years. Started with CD protocol 8 months ago, with ATEC 18. Started with MafActive creme in June 2016. After 3 months of using it, with no success, we switched on GcMaf spray 2500ng. Finished with the first bottle, and now started with 15000ng. Stoped with CD. With high potency we could see more parasites in enema, even more than on CD protocol. ATEC is 4 by now.

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submitted on 16/11/2016


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Hallo people, here is our feedback of GcMAF.

My son has autism. He is 11 now. His ATEC score is 4 by now. We started our journey with ATEC 140+, 7 years ago.

We've been on GF/CF/SF/SF diet for long time, almost 7 years and we are still. We did some antiparasitic protocols, and not so long time ago, we started with GcMAF, just 2,5 months ago.

When we started with GcMAF my son was already in great condition: good health, already communicating and socializing, good behavior, so no big singes of autism. Now his main problem is dyslexia. We started with 2500ng potency, and now we are using 50 000ng potency, once a day.

Since we started with GcMAF his concentration and focus is much better, and we can do academic skills easier. We were trying to write and read for 5 years with no success. For him it was very hard to understand how to put words and numbers on paper, but since we are using GcMAF it seems he understand it much better. He used to refuse to do his homework, but now the things are changed. He loves it.

The one more thing is interesting. We've stop with anti parasitic drugs and treatments since he is on GcMAF. Now, only with the help of GcMAF we are cleaning his body from pathogens and toxins as well. And it's much more easier with GcMAF, cause you have to use it only once per day. With all those anti parasitic treatments we were all the time in some kind of machine, every hour busy with some dosage.

And another thing. My son had need to roll the paper in his hand since he was 3. This was some kind of OCD behavior. The paper was his security, he had the paper in his hand all the time, also while he was sleeping for 8 years. I thought, he will finish his school, get married, and get old with rolling the paper. But just one day he came to me and said, I don't want my paper anymore, I overgrown it. It happened just after 2 months of using GcMAF.

So, long live the GcMAF.

And many thanks to Travor Banks and people who are producing this magic spray.

(Sorry for my English)