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My son has born 03.04.2009. His development was according to the book till 2 years old. 2 years and 1 month started the regression. He lost the words he spoke. He didn’t care about people around him. He didn’t understand or followed the commands. Started to play only with cars making the same movement over and over again. Didn’t reacted to the name and so one. He got autism diagnose on January 2012. He started the therapies which have been helping him during the years a little. During this time no medication was given. He doesn’t have seizures. 2015 October we started GFCF diet and saw some improvement in behaviour. He is much calmer. Some improvements in speech. He started to say few words. No constipation anymore. In august 2016 we removed sugar from the menu and started with Chlorine dioxide. More improvement has been noticing after 4 weeks using CD. More awareness of surrounding. Following orders much better. Better eye contact. More emotions (sad, happy). Speech is on the same level, have few words but doesn’t use all of them purposefully.

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2009 (14)

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