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Ñoño 2009 (12) ASF

Ñoño was diagnosed with ASD at 3 years of age. Was at an ATEC of 86 with CD and GC Maf we have lowered ATEC to 35 to 40.

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Submitted on 10/03/2017


Not relevant/No progress 2009 (12)

Has been on GC Maf since May of 2015 and initially was doing well. I fell Maf helped him learn how potty train faster. However every day spray was too much. He started tantrumming for hours and became super irritated. I think it was too much. We stopped for about a month and reinitiated once a week for about a month, the every 4 days then every 2 days and eventually every day. Now he is doing 5 sprays a day. Initial ATEC was 86 now 35!

GC Maf 2,500 ng