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Sociability Sensory Cognitive Awareness: Health Physical Behavior: Total ATEC change Days Difference Atec Date
16 10 14 14 54 0 0 06/12/2016
0 0 0 0 0 +0% in 0 days
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Submitted on 06/12/2016


Better 2012 (10)

We were on 1spray daily cytonic 15000. After few days he gets rash all over his mouth and nose. Candida overgrothe. So we had to stop with spraying in mouth. Now we spray it on the neck or under arms. It is better but Im not sure if it is effective this way. He started to point fingers and some speech came.. He is much better in cognitive skills. S

cytonic 15000

Submitted on 14/11/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2012 (10)

Boy,4,5 y old. Beging atec on decembar 2015. was 108. Diet and cd for 6 months,3 pps. Atec 65. Continued with cd oral and enemas,no pp after and started gcmaf in shoots one time a week. On septembar 2016 started gcmaf in sprey 15000. Now we are on one spray daily. Atec now 48. Started to repeet some words, better in cognitive skils. Trying to talk.. But it is mostly not understandable..