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yennifis 2011 (9) ASD / PANDAS

2 years and 4 months on CD protocols. 11 months on GcMaf. Has made significant progress but regressed in recent months, so we are trying to find a breakthrough.

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Submitted on 01/04/2017


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Our daughter, Kaiya, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum back in August 2013, when she was 2. She is now nearly 6. She has made great strides since then, but especially since we started GcMaf about 18 months ago. We started for the longest time with 1 spray a night, but then around September 2016, went up to 2, then 3, then even 4 sprays a night. Up until about February 1, we used 4 sprays at night (usually around midnight) and it seemed to help Kaiya. But then we noticed her being aggressive and scaled back. Right now, once a night seems to result in her both making progress in general from her and in seeing her behave very well. She is more coherent, calmer, and we're finally seeing very few parasites; they seem to have died.

GcMaf 15,000 ml