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wendy123 2010 (9) Autism

Not verbal Boy of 6 years old with autism diagnosis, detected at 3 years old, actually 6 years old the GAPS protocol,strict organic diet gluten,cassein, soy,artificial colorants ,GMO free, he was in atec 96 April 2015 getting low with the protocol to 90. Actually the Atec is 90 and 1 month ago he began to use gcmaf ( spray 2,500 ng) having a lot of improvement,more focus, the concentration for make differente activities was from 30 minutes to 45 minutes,now is using his head to say ;yes or no or hands to say ; bye he was not doing that,the lengauge still is not coming out,his Atec is not getting to much low but still having improvements ...we are traying to use Omnia but watting if he qualify for the research....

ATEC Results

Sociability Sensory Cognitive Awareness: Health Physical Behavior: Total ATEC change Days Difference Atec Date
20 14 20 23 77 0 0 05/12/2016
0 0 0 0 0 +0% in 0 days
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Submitted on 09/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2010 (9)

Started gc maf 2,500 ng with 1 one spray every three days. Initially and now two sprays.Noticing better focus, slightly improved cognitive ability. Began with some signs with hands for example " bye" or " hello" . Other Observations: ammonia smell came from popo,the first three sprays and it goone now ....non verbal but sounds stayed consistent ,he was mute previously. ... Recently started dancing to music and more attentive,now ready to try Omnia...;)

Gc maf 2,500 ng of Cytoinnovations Ltd