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submitted on 01/12/2016


2008 (15)

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submitted on 06/12/2016


Better 2008 (15)

We are now using Cytonic GCmaff 15000. 1 spray (120ng) every day. Before that we have use Gcmaff 2500 4 spray every day. We did not have notice any bad reactions or behavior. Only we notice more parasites in stool or enemas.
Our last ATEC is 14 and he is more focus.
We are happy that we will have opportunity to try omnia,

Cytonic GCmaff 15000

submitted on 18/10/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2008 (15)

2 moths before Cytonic we have used MAFactive cream on lympf spot under ears (100ng) per aplication every second day. Couple of days on that cream result with massive ropeworm elimination. It last for more than a month - daily with enemas 5 to 10 big fat ropeworms goes out. (few kilos of them go away).
We started with Cytonic Gcmaff very slow 1 spray(20ng) every 3 days, then slowly increase dosing as we now that we can handle 100ng.
From the first week we notice that our son start using sentences with more words. Also he start to repeat large sentences.
Afther we increase dosing on 3 spray every second day we notice that ropewoms start to go again with enemas. Not so much as before but cleaning proces is working.
Now we are on 4 spray every day. No herx, only sometimes he can be in a bad mood but mostly he is doing fine. When he is in bad mood we now that enemas will be full of ropeworms. Up to day we have make 6 Kalcker and 5 other parasite programs.
Our last ATEC is 18 .
We have been on darkfield this month and it shows that imune system is working fine, not so much parasites and h.metals. Blod cells are good shape and moving arround.

from September 2016 we start with Cytonic gcmaff 2500ng(20ng per spray) , before that we used MAF Active cream 6000ng (100ng per aplication),