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Lagaris 2011 (11) Autism

My son was diagnosed at 2 years of autism. Completely non-verbal, with nerve-racking and no cognitive impairment. We consulted with Dr. Bradstreet and performed treatment with MRT and Gcmaf. We had some winnings. So Dr. Brad died and we started treating our son with Kerri Rivera in mms and gcmaf. We have already done 21 protocol parasites and we make use of Gcmaf. After inserting the MAF, our son began to recover. Started with an ATEC of 68 and today we are 36. MAF made my son talk.

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Submitted on 28/02/2017


Better 2011 (11)

After a week of omnia.
We set the dose of omnia every 3 days a drop with water and it is going very well. We take his diaper off his back and he's accepting to eat vegetables.
Your atec is now 19.
He is calm and without repetitions.


Submitted on 30/01/2017


Not relevant/No progress 2011 (11)

After 30 days of MAF, my son is dropping his diapers. Your communication is greater

Maf 2500