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OurSon 2002 (22) autism

Been through various treatments/therapies for our son diagnosed with autism including bio-medical, homeopathy, accupunture, NAET (to eliminate allergens). Has been on GFCF. Finally started CD protocol after reading a book from Kerri R in Dec '14. Had consulted with Kerri multiple times and as recently as May 2016. As part of our consultation., Kerri recommended GcMAF and connected us to Trevor Banks. We have been using GcMAF for many months and from our last consult, Kerri suggested to increase it to 15000. The ATEC score definitely came down from 68 to 35 as part of the CD protocol. One of the last steps in the protocol is HBOT and we are in the process of that therapy. We hope our son would come out of the diagnosis like so many other kids who have been following this protocol and has successfully come out of it and has courage to announce in our social forum, and for those 1000's who are in the process of various stages of recovery. We being vegetarians, wanted to try GcMAF that's not animal based and very happy with Trevor and his excellent service to the autism community.

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