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Linda smith 1962 (61) Autism

My son Lachlan is now 19 years old . Developed normally till 12/13 months than after MMR regressed lost language repeat infections night sweats night terrors started repetitive behaviours diagnosed at 2 with severe autism. I did many protocols including diet, chelation, secretin,ABA, some improvement. At 12 did stem cell in China had good response with sensory issues. Started CD protocol at 16 (3 yrs ago) first some huge outbursts but each month showed improvement. Still doing CD protocol now but started GcMaf almost 12 months ago . Used 4 bottles of the 2500 spray dosing twice a week. Saw some over stimulation but also a gradual increase in language and understanding. At present he is fantastic starting to use words always trying to copy me / mimic my actions totally independent with personal care of himself/toileting etc. no tantrums very calm the happiest I have ever seen him. We have just started on the 15000 size spray twice a week. Have seen a little bit of nausea but otherwise very good and improving all the time. He is still hard to understand but the intent to talk is definitely there. I would say over the years he has gone from severe self injuring to moderate with a beautiful gentle disposition.

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