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Josymax 2006 (14) Autism

November 2015 ATEC=132.Dicember 2015 Start dietFebruary 2016 Star CD protocolJuly 2016 ATEC=61October 2016 ATEC=53

ATEC Results

Sociability Sensory Cognitive Awareness: Health Physical Behavior: Total ATEC change Days Difference Atec Date
10 19 19 36 84 0 0 15/10/2016
11 22 11 26 70 -14 58 12/12/2016
+1 +3 -8 -10 -14 -17% in 58 days
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Submitted on 29/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2006 (14)

Last week he was behaving excellent, we can se he is more concerned with everything around him. In terms of talking the improvement is not considerable but he didnĀ“t go worse.
The only negative point is that after 12 days some rashes appeared on the mouth. We kept the dose and more rashes came out. I have attached two photos, last week and this week.
During the enemas at night we can see parasites coming out but not large size.

Gcmaf 15,000mg twice a day, the first dose (one spray) in the mornig before breakfast and the second just before going to sleep.

Submitted on 12/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2006 (14)

On the 9th of December just arrived the Gcmaf (15,000ng). We are giving to my 10 years old son, twice a day, in the morning and at the evening, just going to bed. He has not experienced any fever and neither rashes. At school, the teachers they say he is very happy in the class and working quite good (his own level, obviusly a lower level). It is just the starting, but we can see he frustrating less.

Cytonic transportation 15,000ng protein supplement