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7lina7 2010 (13) autism - asperger syndrome

ATEC 100+ GF/MF/SF diet from 11/2014 ATEC 75 in march 2015. we did tests at Doctors Data + Great Plains and for 1,5 months DAN protocol. start CD protocol on 1.8.2015 ATEC 68. after 2 PP and 5 months CD ATEC 7. in January 2016 we started with GcMaf 1 drop/tree days + 10000 IU vit D3 - bad behavior, sensorie issues.. stoped vit D3 - things going to normal. we add Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Silimaryn, Boswelia, Magnesium malate.Thrue the folowing months we raised Maf to 1 spray per day + 2000 - 4000 IU vit D3/ day. in september 2016 we raised Maf to 5 sprays /day ...... ATEC 0. but some issues are still here.... we are now on 1 spray 15000ng Maf/ day + 2000 IU vit D3 every 2nd day still on CD withouth enemas. we did 11 PPs.

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Not relevant/No progress 2010 (13)

we switched from 2500ng Maf / 5x perday to 1500ng first 1 and than twice per day.. a little bit hyper some days, more uncomfortable, some skin issues.. after the biocom tests we get rid of the Clonorchis sinensis and Schistosoma haematobium and Ascaris in the lounge. but we have a new one - Fasciolopsis buskii to work on it. the bacterias are still here - candida, clostridia, pneumicocus.
so we are working on it... will raise Maf to 3 sprays per day and see waht will happen..

GcMaf 2500ng, GcMaf 1500ng