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fara77ahmad 1977 (46) autism

Child age: 5 Sex: Male Atec 64 reduce to 21. Begins gcmaf in Mac 2016, improved in term of social and motor skills. Join group works with friends, very calm and happy at school and at home. Willing to share with others, starts interacting with other kids at play ground despite the facts that he is non-verbal, made some noise and somehow able to convey his massage across. Teacher is very happy with his improvement despite initial aggression at the beginning of gcmaf. More alert at playground, understand dangers, rough play with boys and able to understand conversation better. Stop biting after a sit down and explanation of the consequences of biting and bad behaviour. Does not bite unless in self-defence. Generally, more improvement of understanding of social class.

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submitted on 06/10/2016


1977 (46)

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