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Vicky 2009 (14) Autism

Diagnosed with autism in May 2012 at age of 2,5 years. Started homeopathy in October 2012. Homeopathy helped lots, his sensory sensitivity disapeared started talking 4 words sentences after 4 month on homeopathy. Reached plato no more progress and stopped homeopathy in December 2015. Started Kerri's protocol on Ferbuary 2014, starting ATEC 56. Last ATEC score done in July 2016 was 11. ATEC is usualy between 11-15. Have been doing GcMaf since October 2016 with 2500ng, moved up to 15000 ng in August 2016.

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submitted on 05/10/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2009 (14)

We are now on 15000 ng Maf dosing every other day. No negative reactions. Only thing that he does he talks back lots and doesn't know where is the line and that some things are inapropriete to say - example - says to his father "go and jump on the trampoline with me NOW!!" Otherwise lots of positive things - finaly plays soccer, is very social ect. From next month we will start dosing every day.

GcMAF 15000 Cyto Innovation

submitted on 30/09/2016


2009 (14)

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