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N.m2016 2012 (11) Autism

Born 2012 healthy boy developed normally & hit all developmental milestones, started talking at 10 months & walking at 12 lost both abilities after received 3 shots at 14 moths old! By 18 months we knew ha has autism was diagnosed at 2 years and started the deferent biomedical supplements and diet with a very little change! Been on Kerrie's protocol since last February starting ATEC was 75 now is 55/60, he started to talk after we started this protocol, also been potty trained and doing better than ever but I think we need to help the immune system more so next step I like to try is gcmaf!

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submitted on 09/12/2016


Better 2012 (11)

We moved up to every other day instead of every 3 days, still on 2500nj, he's repeating anything we say now we saw an increase in the language also better motor skills, holding the pens better..., one thing we noticed though he seems to be gaseous! Never had this issue before! But overall very happy child and we all are happy with this product :)

GCMAF 2500nj

submitted on 29/10/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2012 (11)

We have been using the GCMAF for over a month now saw no herx relations! We are staying every 3 days, 1st thing we noticed was a lot more parasites was being expelled even before pp! And a little improvement on speech!

2500 nj, number 2

submitted on 29/09/2016


2012 (11)

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