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Galo531 1967 (56) Autism/Lyme

We are following Kerri's protocol. Also, 6 apricot kernels a day, iodine, red root, pinella and wild Cherri ( drops). My son was diagnosed with autism and Lyme. I was diagnosed with Epstien Bar.

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submitted on 30/09/2016


Better 1967 (56)

My son is having the gcmaff apart 2,500 since March. We started one drop every 3 days. We just moved to spray everyday. As of now I'm happy to say that he's almost trained with potty. He's 14. His atex scores last November when we stared was 77 and now as of today he's 59. I'm happy.

Gcmaf 2,500

submitted on 30/11/-0001


1967 (56)

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Speech / Language / Communication
Sensory / Cognitive Awareness
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submitted on 30/09/2016


Not relevant/No progress 1967 (56)

We've been using it since March. Started very slow, one drop every 3 days. I remembered the first drop.... I couldn't get out of bed for 2.5 days... I loved it since I knew I'm getting rid of virus... We built it up, as of now we are taking it everyday. Big improvement with my son : toilet independent !!! Yay. I love this product... It gets to my brain and gives me lots of Clearety and energy.

Gcmaf 2,500.... Hoping to move soon to the 15.000