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Leafchick 2013 (6) Developmental Delay

Noticed a plateau of development once breastfeeding stopped. Unvaxed child. No major regressions. Major GI issues that are finally starting to resolve with SCD diet (alsoGFDFSF, sugar free, dye free, corn free, only organic foods)-great variety in diet, low glutamate/oxalate diet as well. Major nutritional deficiencies (iron/carnitine especially) . Mother has auto immune RA and past infertility issues in which Natural Killer Cells were attacking her embryo's- resolved after IVIG therapy and immune suppressant therapy. Child currently does not qualify for autism yet is non verbal and has cognitive and social delays. No behavior issues. Parent suspects neuro inflammation or glutamate/gaba imbalance causing the lack of speech. Currently treating parasites and seeing gains. Past yeast overgrowth also seems to be benefiting from the parasite protocol. HELP!!!

ATEC Results

Sociability Sensory Cognitive Awareness: Health Physical Behavior: Total ATEC change Days Difference Atec Date
20 9 18 11 58 0 0 28/09/2016
19 9 19 13 60 +2 70 07/12/2016
-1 0 +1 +2 +2 +3% in 70 days
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Submitted on 07/12/2016


Better 2013 (6)

Sorry. Forgot to click better. Also forgot to note an increase of parasite death since introduction of maf

Spray, 1500, cytoinnovations

Submitted on 07/12/2016


Not relevant/No progress 2013 (6)

Started Maf at 1 drop for 2 weeks every 3 days for a week, then 2 drops every three days, then one spray every three days. Initially a fever the day following the first dose. Small white bumps on inner thighs the day after each dose as well. Now at one spray every other night noticing a yeast flare. Pushing thru at the moment. Holding at that dose. Noticing better solid sleep, slightly improved cognitive ability. Hard to determine other gains with yeast now in the mix. Other Random Observations: ammonia smell from urine now gone, non verbal but sounds stayed consistent over the new/full moon whereas he would go mute previously. BEST GAIN... Recently started dancing to music :).

Spray, 1500, Cytoinnovations.