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  • « Today we went on a footbal l match... he was much better today. He has watch the whole game...and he saw all goals in the game... He is better in sch... »

    – Tomnik

    « Hello, here we are now on 1 drop every third day. He had a virus with a tingling and no energy. Three days later he had a temperature passed. Okay, th... »

    – Vitez

    « 5x5 CBD, 2 drops of omnia every day. Last week we were at sea. He enjoyed and had a good mood. This was a completely new experience for us and he acce... »

    – Gordon Benet

  • « every day a spray of Maf 15000ng vitD 1000iu and just finished 48 rounds ... constant progress we have ... »

    – Blage

    « Gcmaff one spray every evening, Omnia luxx cream every evening on fists, no pain no stiffness, and yes, eczema disapered, thank you »

    – Gogi

    « we start using gc maff 15 000,concentration is better,he started to repeat sentences on command,and began to imitate »

    – Jelenanaumluka

  • « Began to give son one drop of Omnia every other day due to some hyper activity. Seems to be helping. He's doing great! Not hyper, sleeping great, and... »

    – Spartan Lock

    « Hi.A boy uses gcmaf 15000 for about 20 days every 5 days a spric. For now it feels good and we are atec 50. Hvala »

    – Masa

    « We have completed Cytonnic 2500ng. Since he is still struggling with hyperactivity, anxiety, sudden outbursts of unhappiness, we will take a break fro... »

    – AkiLeka

  • « Now I am giving gcmaf to my son every 3 days... He is more social, giving more kisses and hugs.... loving it so far. »

    – ramsoso

    « Cbd oil is still five drops in the morning and five drops before bedtime, below the tongue. Omnia continues to drop one drop below the tongue every ot... »

    – Jagodica Bobica

    « We spent GcMaf on August 31st. In the meantime, we ended up with a hyperbaric chamber. We spent a wonderful vacation on the mountain. Here we have see... »

    – Gordon Benet

  • Blage

    « 2x3 drops CBD ...2x2 OMNIA ...we cleaned bacteria ... it calms down a lot ... there is an interest in letters and numbers to learn ... draws very nice... »

    – Blage

    « I have a lot of detail to share, but I believe this is specific only to GcMaf. So, I will stick with that. There is no question in my mind, when we ad... »

    – Supermom

    « 1 spray in the mornning... Honestly I can't write any changes but he is generally better...I just feel that... »

    – Tomnik

  • « Omnia lux on hands every evening, I spent it last evening. no pain, no stiffness. Gcmaf 15000 two sprays on altered days, last 5 days yellow stool, I... »

    – Gogi

    « Started Maf at 1 drop for 2 weeks every 3 days for a week, then 2 drops every three days, then one spray every three days. Initially a fever the day f... »

    – Leafchick

    « We use 2 drop gcmaf 2500ng. Now he is very ok. his behavior is fantastic. His bigest problem is bloating sometimes. And to begin faster growthing. »

    – DAJANA

  • « much better after a cat from the cream ... the pain decreases ... my mother cat every night on the knees and the spine »

    – Maca

    « he never made something more magical than cream. congratulations. my mom has a vvery high percentage of osteoporosis and with the cream has stopped dr... »

    – nada

    « Started with using Omnia 2 weeks ago, one drop in the glass of water for the first week, and the 2nd week - one drop sublingual. Before Omnia: could... »

    – adi

  • « About two weeks use GcMaf spray with Cd protocol, I am very happy, my daughter no longer needs diapers at night, it's definitely a big girl, heheh »

    – Dragana Mocic Djulic

    « We use 1 spray of GCmaf 15000 in the morning. Voice stimulation is still present, some stereotypical movements and less irritation have occurred. »

    – Gordon Benet

    « Currently taking 3 drops under the tongue after school 30 min before dinner. We have seen progress with increased attention and he seems much calmer a... »

    – dusa

  • « In Moment we do not use anything. When He used maf cream, He stopped being stereotyped. »

    – Vitez

    « Every morning chlorella and omega 3 (small spoon). Two times a day vitamin C. One Taurine capsule daily. Gcmaf150000ng every night one syringe is unde... »

    – Jagodica Bobica

    « Went back to basics, more dosis of CD and 1 drop of Omnia every day. Gaba 2 x 750 mg day and night. Break on albendazole, it became too strong of a de... »

    – ramsoso

  • « 1 drops Omnia evry day and 3 drops CBD in the morning and evning 3 drops CBD ..much better »

    – Blage

    « We are now using Cytonic GCmaff 15000. 1 spray (120ng) every day. Before that we have use Gcmaff 2500 4 spray every day. We did not have notice any... »

    – Jake

    « Maff +and d3 drops. Abundant amounts of fruit all day. Only lunch cooked. Spiny grass one spoon, broccoli, avocado and mango larger quantities. Meat a... »

    – Lukica


  • « I was diagnosed with encephalopathy immunoimmediate enteropathy and the CD protocol with GcMAF have given me great results. »

    – nikiniki


    « After vaccine MMR in 16.month came encephalitis and brain injury. Diagnosis is quadruparese, cerebral palsy. Cant alone stand, walk, almost no speech.... »

    – VITKO

    « ATEC 100+ GF/MF/SF diet from 11/2014 ATEC 75 in march 2015. we did tests at Doctors Data + Great Plains and for 1,5 months DAN protocol.start CD pr... »

    – 7lina7

  • TaLia

    « In my personal experience, my son stopped talking and then began showing the symptoms of autism right after being vaccinated. He was talking at 7 mont... »

    – TaLia

    « After months and months of research, Feb 17th 2016 we did our first ATEC 76. My daughter was non verbal, No eye contact, always wanted to be in a... »

    – MLN2012

    « My son Lachlan is now 19 years old . Developed normally till 12/13 months than after MMR regressed lost language repeat infections night sweats night... »

    – Linda smith

  • cicamica

    « »

    – cicamica

    « »

    – Angel

    « My son was diagnosed with Autism las year and after 16 months we dicided to try GcMaf, and the results havê been Amazing, he stard to talk much clear... »

    – Christofer Duarte

  • « My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 21 months old. Starting ATEC 86. Changed diet to GF/CF/SF/SF. Did biomedical programme with a Dr which... »

    – Mem

    « We are following Kerri's protocol. Also, 6 apricot kernels a day, iodine, red root, pinella and wild Cherri ( drops). My son was diagnosed with autis... »

    – Galo531

    « Moj sin je od pre GOD .ipo na dijeti ,a na CD smo već 9 mj urađeno 8 Pp nas ATEC u februaru 76 a pre 20 dana 16 na Gcmafu smo od pre 6 mj dosad smo 2... »

    – Karem

  • « Shooting for the complete recovery of my child, non-verbal, asd, but I love him so much and believe our Holy God (Jesus) will and is showing us the wa... »

    – ramsoso

    « Based on my own experience with GcMaf from Cyto innovations, I purchased 3 bottles ( 2 : 2500. nf. 1: 15000 nf) for my autistic son. I can assure you... »

    – Camil

    « autism, atec 43, gfsfsfcf, verbal »

    – maryhappy

  • Vicky

    « Diagnosed with autism in May 2012 at age of 2,5 years. Started homeopathy in October 2012. Homeopathy helped lots, his sensory sensitivity disapeared... »

    – Vicky

    « We started with gf/cf/sf/sf diet 6 years ago. On that time my son's ATEC was over 140. We've been using biomed. program for 5 years. Started with CD... »

    – Bax

    « My son has born 03.04.2009. His development was according to the book till 2 years old. 2 years and 1 month started the regression. He lost the words... »

    – brigitas


  • evamv

    « ATEC de Felipe Marques Victoria em janeiro 2017 »

    – evamv

    « My son speaks better / ADHD is better, emotionally mature boy... Speech is almost clear 100% / Thank you. »

    – FrozenSM

    « this ATEC was completed after 3 weeks of Omnia ,2 drops under the tongue,at night. One point less comparing to the last week ATEC. »

    – zugoor

  • « He introducido el Omnia en hace 1 semana, partiendo por 1 gota cada 3 dias, ahora empezare con 1 gota todos los dias, como cambio he visto que esta má... »

    – gustav87